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Squiggle Squatches is a collection of 5000 friendly characters. Their goal is to bring fun, lighthearted, and pastel vibes to the world. Stay tuned, they are coming to a blockchain near you!

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Squiggle Squatches are currently still in the design phase. They are about 75% there and will be done relatively shortly. That being said there are still a lot of things to be ironed out. We want to build an awesome community. So please follow us on our socials and join our discord server!

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Tommy Parnell

Developer & very smart person

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Joshua Mulvey

Designer & creator of Squiggle Squatches

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Perhaps You

We need a Sugar Daddy or Mommy to help fund : )

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We are open to collaborations & Partnerships.
DM us on twitter @Squig_Squatches